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Mother's Day Menu

Mothers Day is undoubtedly an important holiday – it is the one day a year when we can show the person who does so much for us, how much you actually appreciate them. Lena as previously mentioned in older posts, is a family run restaurant in honour of the owner’s mother Carmelina:

“Carmelina Rotta was born in Sicily in 1919, where she enjoyed her childhood before moving to Alexandria in Egypt for her father’s job.  It was here that her Sicilian mother taught her to cook the classics of Southern Italian cuisine. In the Suez Crisis of 1956, Lena, as she was now known was forced to move from what had become her home.   Now married to an Irish naval engineer, England was to become her home for the next 56 years.  Those years were filled with 5 children, lots of squashed family meals around a tiny table, lots of hard work and many home-cooked meals  Despite all these years away from her native Sicily, to this day, Lena is still firmly rooted in the traditions of her background, holding true Italian values of pride, family and of course food close to her heart.  Through her children and grandchildren, she has shared her love of home-cooking and (some of) her secret recipes!  She is today the quintessential Italian ‘Mama’, tiny but powerful, bossy and principled, and still thinking of the days she’ll get old, despite turning 93 at the end of this year.” 

One cannot think of better way of showing that special woman in your life – how much you appreciate what they do – by taking them to such a beautiful restaurant.