Brush up on your Italian kissing technique – just before Valentines Day


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ImageDue to the great response we had from our previous post regarding Baci Kisses – we’ve decided to take it one step further and help you guys this Valentines Day by assisting you in brushing up on your Italian kissing technique….

If you want to woo that special someone, maybe say a few of the following and tell them of the story of the romantic baci kisses. Furthermore, come down to Lena and experience the romance and try the Baci kisses for yourself..

Brush up on your Italian Kissing Technique

1. Love and kisses – Un milione di baci

2. I am addicted to your kisses . Sono dipendente dei tuoi baci –

3. Come here and kiss me – Vieni qui e baciamo

4, Every time I kiss you I forget where I am – Ogni volt ache ti bacio dimentico dove sono

5. Your kisses are as sweet as honey – Le tue baci sono dolci come il meile

Top 5 Places to Kiss in Italy

1. Trevino Fountain Rome

2. Bridge of Sighs Venice

3. Ponte Vecchio Florence

4. Sorrento Bay of Naples

5. Bellagio Lake Como

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