Valentines Day @ Lena – Un Gran Bacio al Cioccolato ( A Big Chocolate Kiss)


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“ The best things in life are either Italian or chocolate” Maria Gloria The Italian Connection

With this in mind as you climb the hilltops of the Tiber valley peeking out above the clouds is the magical beautiful medieval town of Perugia. Home of the famous chocolate delicacy “Baci” – kisses in Italian, and the equally famous Perugia Chocolate Festival.

Thousands of Italians, tourists and chocolate lovers flock there every October. At the centre is the Baci chocolate kisses – Baci means kisses in Italian.

Legend has it that in the early nineteen hundreds Giovanni Buitoni (heir to the Perugina Chocolate factory) and Luisa Spagnolli ( a local confectioner) fell in love, She created a confection of whipped chocolate blended with chopped hazelnuts, topped it with a whole hazelnut and covered it with bittersweet chocolate. As their love had to remain a secret Luisa wrapped love notes around them as the wrapper when she sent them over to Giovanni for inspection.

Eventually they married and grew the business to the famous international confectionery company it is today. The love notes still surround each Baci chocolate.

Synonymous with Italian romance these little delights are still know for the lovers treats not to mention the fact that ancient writings describe chocolate as a powerful aphrodisiac. Who wouldn’t be seduced by it all?

Italians look forward to receiving Baci not only as a chocolate indulgence but for the expression of love, romance and affection that they come with.

After many years the love notes are collectibles and books have been written about them. They have been taken from some of the world’s greatest poems and proverbs. In the modern world there is now even iPhone app showing love transcends time!

Valentines Day @ Lena will ooze romance and will be the perfect location for you to spend time with your loved one. Below is the Valentines day menu (although the other a la carte options are still available!)

This years special menu evokes romance, with dishes that are meant to be shared between lovers – ranging from your aphrodisiac oysters to sharing main dishes. So why not come down and share this special night with the person you love.

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